Hanwen Xu

  Master Student

  Automation, Tsinghua University

  Email: xuhanwen[at] mails.tsinghua.edu.cn

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I am a PhD student who study Computer Science at University of Washington, supervised by Prof. Sheng Wang. Before that, I received my Bachelor's and Master's degree from the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University.

My research interests are about facilitating knowledge discovey by scientific literature mining. I am excited about translating these knowledge into easy-to-understand natural languages.




Multilingual translation for zero-shot biomedical classification using BioTranslator
Hanwen Xu, Addie Woicik, Hoifung Poon, Russ B. Altman, Sheng Wang
Nature Communications.
[Paper]  [Code


ProTranslator: zero-shot protein function prediction using textual description
Hanwen Xu, Sheng Wang
Accepted by RECOMB 2022.
[Paper]  [Code


PccGEO: prior constraints conditioned genetic elements optimization
Hanwen Xu*, Pengcheng Zhang*, Haochen Wang*, Lei Wei, Zhirui Hu, Xiaowo Wang
Preprints. (* equal contribution)


ARIC: accurate and robust inference of cell type proportions from bulk gene expression
Wei Zhang*, Hanwen Xu*, Rong Qiao, Bixi Zhong, Xianglin Zhang, Jin Gu, Xuegong Zhang, Lei Wei, Xiaowo Wang
Briefings in Bioinformatics, Impact factor: 11.6. (* equal contribution)
[Paper] [Project Website]


Learning dynamic graph embedding for traffic flow forecasting: A graph self-attentive method
Zifeng Kang*, Hanwen Xu*, Jianming Hu, Xin Pei
IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, 2019. (* equal contribution)


S3: Side Channel Attack on Stylus Pencil Through Sensors
Habiba Farrukh, Tinghan Yang, Hanwen Xu, Yuxuan Yin, He Wang and Z.Berkay Celik
UbiComp, 2021.


cfDNApipe: A comprehensive quality control and analysis pipeline for cell-free DNA high-throughput sequencing data
Wei Zhang, Lei Wei, Jiaqi Huang, Bixi Zhong, Jiaqi Li, Hanwen Xu, Shuying He, Yu Liu, Juhong Liu, Hairong Lv, Xiaowo Wang
UbiComp, 2021.
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I like running! I have been insisted on the 5 km running everyday for one year! I can finish the 3 km running in 11'30 minutes, 5 km running in 21 minutes, and 10 km running in 46 minutes! Begin running with me, we can have a better life!

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